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Administrative Services

Service Description

Let LPE Associates assist with your administrative needs. We specialize in providing experienced administrative, clerical and call center staff to augment your team. We also offer a range of services including transportation and travel services, graphics design and materials, audiovisual, translation and transcription, and technical writing. With our help, you'll be able to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the details. Transportation and Travel Services: LPE’s expertise in the travel and transportation of people and materials includes, but not limited to airlines, airports, travel intermediaries, tours, ground transportation, shipping, receiving, car rentals, and associated administrative functions. * Graphics Design and Materials: LPE supports all client graphics design requirements, including web and online graphics, printed reports, proposals, meeting materials, brochures, pamphlets, signage, and posters. * Audiovisual: LPE responds to all audiovisual requirements with skill and professionalism. Our team members have years of experience in designing and implementing AV systems for films, television, corporate conferencing and live staged events. * Translation and Transcription: LPE support all translation requirements in real time or via written words. Likewise, we offer transcription support services in advance or onsite in printed versions of communications. * Technical Writing: LPE provides expert technical writing support services in myriad disciplines. Examples include education, health, engineering, and research.

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