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Program Management

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At LPE Associates, we offer a full range of program management solutions to ensure successful program and project lifecycles. Our services include project management, financial management, quality assessment, risk assessment, and member and stakeholder services. Let us help you to manage and optimize your projects and programs for successful outcomes. Contact us today to get started. * Project Management: LPE’s skilled program management practitioners use proven tools and innovative techniques to manage the full lifecycle of multiple projects to achieve overall program goals. * Financial Management: LPE can plan, organize, assess and control financial activities such as fund raising, procurement, and utilization for businesses and organizations. * Quality Assessment: LPE supports continuous quality assessment processes, to include data collection and analysis to report on quality criteria, standards, issues and corrective measures. * Risk Assessment: LPE provides both risk management and risk mitigation support services. We identify business risks and provide measures, processes and controls to reduce the impact of these risks to client business operations. * Member and Stakeholder Services: LPE provides a tailored array of member and stakeholder services, to include ongoing outreach, information sharing, and a full range of support services with members and stakeholders.

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