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Technical Assistance & Training

Service Description

LPE Associates provides specialized technical assistance and training with the help of our highly experienced subject matter experts (SMEs). We deploy SMEs to meet the requirements of Federal, State and non-profit organizations. Our services range from specialized content development to online training services. With our expertise and resources, we can help you take your business to the next level. * Subject Matter Experts: LPE supports our clients with robust Subject Matter Expert (SME) services. We facilitate all requirements for government or contracted SME’s to support technical assistance (TA) projects or participate in presentations and conferences with TA customers. * Specialized Content Development: LPE assists clients in developing project-specific, targeted content for use in technical assistance, training or other project areas where subject understanding or increased competency is required. * Online Training Services: LPE excels in providing our clients with web-based systems or apps to implement online “distance” training solutions that are live, interactive, individual or in groups and instructor facilitated.

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