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Discover the power of technology with LPE Associates. Our data management, website and social media services enable our clients to communicate effectively and efficiently. Website development and operations, database design, web-based training and meetings, and social media services are all part of our offering. Let us help you achieve your business goals and unlock the power of technology. * Website Development and Operations: LPE’s web development services are handled by an experienced team that develops and integrates leading industry standard website technologies with promotional campaigns, marketing messages, conference and event themes and/or registrations systems. * Database Design: LPE’s experienced technology and administrative support team can design and administer databases in support of various client projects types. * Web-based Training and Meetings: LPE excels at defining client requirements and implementing technology services in support of webinars and web-enabled meetings. * Social Media Services: LPE supports our clients in the development of social media campaigns that are robust, agile, interactive and responsive to evolving client requirements based on stakeholder feedback. We integrate social media services with our communications, conference and event, and technical assistance services.

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